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Build it Yourself With ICF

If you have intermediate construction skills, you can do much of the ICF project yourself.

As with any project, the most important part is planning and preparation. The longer you spend on this stage, the more smoothly your project will go.

There are different ICF products out there, each with its unique benefits and drawbacks. Since each project is different, deciding which ICF product to use can be a challenge.

We can help with any stage of your ICF project, from initial planning right through finishing.

How we can help

  • Work directly with you or your General Contractor
  • Train you or your crew on installation techniques
  • Help you design and optimize your plan for ICF
  • Choose the best ICF product for your project
  • Suggest ways to minimize costs
  • Calculate material lists and do cost projections
  • Be onsite for part or all of the ICF build